Condor: The Corona Cure? (For Boredom)

With COVID-19 clamping down on flying activities and keeping us home, it looks like many will only be able to get their flying fix in the virtual skies. Here is a guide to some options for individuals and clubs to use Condor for soaring the next couple of months.

  1. Check out existing competitions on Condor Club.

I run Monday Night Soaring (7 and 10pm Mondays) and US Nightly Soaring (9pm daily). Each day uses a different task and scenery. To find out the scenery, take a look at the contest page and it is listed for the night. After you register (for free), there will also be a task briefing sent to your email.

Here is the URL for US Nightly Soaring:

Here is the URL for Monday Night Soaring:

To register, first become a Condor Club member. Then go to: and select the competition you would like to attend. Press “Your Registration” and click Submit!

To download sceneries easily and quickly, download the Condor updater. Simply click on a scenery you want and it will even install it for you!

To log on to the tasks, go to at the designated time (7/10pm Eastern Time for MNS, 9pm for USNS). You could join these respective competitions for 10 minutes.

  1. Set up Condor night for your club!

For club members who are not experienced with Condor, still learning the basics, or simply looking for a place to virtually hang-out, set up your own server! Make a task in the Flight Planner, possibly even at your home airport! Then go to Multiplayer, click Host, and select a Host Name. Select your task in the flightplanner and your friends will be able to join the server!

I set up a Condor night for Aero Club Albatross at 7pm on Wednesday. Check out the server and join us!

  1. Condor Coaching

I have been contacted by several people who would like to receive paid one-on-one coaching with me. If you would like to schedule a time to work on advanced soaring concepts in Condor (thermal selection, racing, centering, racing strategies, speed-to-fly, landouts, spins, risk-management, ridge soaring, wave soaring, etc. etc.), feel free to contact me through the Soaring Economist contact.


Feel free to follow up with me if you have questions about how to get Condor set up, for you or your club.

All the best,

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