Nephi Notes

I put this map together to help orient myself to the notable landmarks, mountains, valleys and landable regions in the area in preparation for the 2018 Sports Class Nationals. None of the fields had been scouted.     

How to interpret map:                                                                                                                                       

  • Yellow areas- Landable regions/fields.             
  • Orange boxes- Questionable landing options.     
  • Airports- I consider landable.                                    
  • Red lines- Expected lift lines.                                 
  • Black boxes- Unlandable regions.                           
  • Mountains- Marked as lift generators.                                                                                                               

To change layers, click the top left box on the edge of the map. You can also change the basemap from satellite view to terrain view.

As far as transitions, the altitudes are ballparks… assuming 5 miles/1000ft + 1000ft (or more if need to cross a mountain). Out west, you can have massive headwinds or sink, so do NOT to be take these numbers as absolutes. They just help create a baseline to work from. If anyone uses this tool, I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. 

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