Condor: The Ultimate Racing Experience

More and more folks are getting back online all around the world. US Nightly Soaring had 22 pilots flying last night. We haven’t had this many folks in many years. About five years ago we used to max out the servers with 32 occasionally, but that was a long time ago.

A lot of new people are getting on and joining the fun. Folks from New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and all over the US are registering for the competition. I am getting emails every day from new folks who haven’t flown in USNS asking for guidance how to sign up. Feel free to contact me, or refer to the previous post for help!

I would not be surprised if we get over 30 participants tonight.

I’ve forgotten how awesome Condor is. Condor does a million things well, but it captures the essence of racing spectacularly. We do straight up assigned tasks. The old style start gates with a redline start. Half km beer-can turnpoints. Finish on the deck. You see the other pilots pull in the thermals and you can make a perfect entry if you pay attention. Keep a close eye on the terrain to run the better energy lines.

Condor even does wave and you can run little lines of rotor and wave lift if you keep an eye on the markers.

You are right with the other pilots. You can see how one decision or another gets you plus or minus several hundred feet. You race head to head on final glide and cross the line abreast with the others. Last night the winner won by three seconds! You’re totally absorbed by in it when you’re doing it.

Condor is fun, but racing is a whole other level of awesome. Come and join us at 9pm Eastern at US Nightly Soaring!

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