Life is Good in Condor-land!

US Nightly Soaring had *36 pilots* last night! Folks represented Brazil, Germany, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Pilots from Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, California, Pennsylvania, Florida and on and on. All at 9pm, from the comfort of your own home! How awesome is that!

Our pilots are getting very well acquainted with the Slovenian landscape this week. Yesterday we flew from Celje and worked our way into the mountains. The ridge lift was much better, although it took some finesse to connect with it. The low ridges were just good enough to give “good air”, but at 5000ft the lift was rockin’ solid. By the time we were connected with the mountains near the first turnpoint, folks had no trouble driving at 100 knots plus in their Standard Class gliders.

The rest of the race was a no-turning, blazing fast run for the second turnpoint, while keeping a close eye on the final glide. Folks who got high enough for a comfortable final at the second turnpoint had no trouble clearing the high terrain for the third turnpoint whereas folks who failed to downshift paid dearly. Several landed out on the upwind leg, unable to find a thermal.

The winner of the day was Luis, a 26 year old from Brazil. He has been doing great in the Brazilian contest scene and is a professional pilot by trade. He has been a regular on US Nightly Soaring for many years and it show; he is a competitor to be reckoned with and had a very good night. Timo, our new 22 year old German wunderkind was breathing down his neck, only seconds behind.

Honorable mentions go to Sean Fidler, Todd Hahn, and Clemens Ceipek, who all had great nights.

Many young pilots joined us last night, including my teammate JP Stewart, Collin Shea, Wyll Soll, Len Martkowski, and Valentin Mayamsin. Broadening to our friends around the world, Nick Oakley, Alex McCaw, Luis and Timo! No better way to get connected with other young soaring folks all around the country and the world than to fly Condor!

See the results here.

Competition details here.

Find the competition under US Nightly Soaring at 9pm here.

While Slovenia has been treating us very well, next week we will start flying in other places all around the world. Be sure to download Nephi, New Zealand, and Ridge North-2.

No easier to way to fly from Mifflin, Omarama, and Nephi than to go on Condor-Club and download the Condor Updater!

See you guys at 9pm Eastern tonight!

Post-task fun with JP. Yes, you can land a 1-26 in a postage stamp field!

4 Replies to “Life is Good in Condor-land!”

  1. This is so inspiring for the aspiring pilot. I am now about a month into Condor2 having never flown an aircraft other than warbirds in IL2 Sturmovik. I live 100mi from the nearest club in the unforgiving hills of Appalachia. I really hope to join y’all one day when my skills improve.


  2. Hey Bob, Glad you’re getting to fly virtually! Definitely take a real life glider flight some time. Us real life pilots who fly in Condor joke that it’s the methadone to the heroin addiction!

    All the best,


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