Suggested Resources

Presentations– These are the slides from the presentations I had done over the years.

Useful Links– Outside resources like weather and further reading.

ACA Seminars– Aero Club Albatross hosts winter seminars on soaring technique. Watch and listen to pilots like Karl Stredeick, Doug Jacobs, Ron Schwartz and many more discuss how to improve your soaring skills.

The Ridge Map– A crowd sourced local knowledge tool for the Appalachian ridges. I contributed quite a bit to the points and descriptions in the NE end of the ridge system.

Other Ridge Resources– This contains a slideshow of landmarks/fields along the Blairstown ridge, along with information about a landout database from Vermont to Virginia.

Nephi Notes– Similar to the Ridge Map. Useful information about landmarks, mountains, off-field landing options and more at Nephi.

Moriarty Notes– Ditto as above, but for Moriarty.

Mt.Washington Wave Camp– Useful fields and landmarks for the Mt.Washington Wave Camp in New Hampshire.

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