Ridge Map

The ridge map is a resource for referencing local knowledge along the Appalachian ridge system. Places known to be tricky, landing sites and relevant notes about the air can be found here. It’s a crowdsourcing tool, wherein anyone can add information. Please avoid deleting or moving items unless you have a specific reason to do so. (The ridge map is backed up every couple months, so if something happens, it won’t disappear.)

Bear in mind, this is not a manual of how to fly the ridge; each day is different! Most of the observations assume that the ridge is working. The landing options may not be landable from season to season. The hotspots on the ridge, areas of enhanced or suppressed air won’t likely work on days when there is little wind, or it’s from the wrong direction. If you’re an inexperienced pilot using this tool to gain local knowledge, please ask for guidance from mentors. (It’s actually a good way to start a conversation!)

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