Managing Landings on Ridge Days

Ridge days are often windy and turbulent, leading to sporty approaches and landings. You should be 100 percent on your game to deal with sink, rotor, and a strong crosswind during the approach.

As you leave the ridge, position yourself in such a way to give yourself the most options. At Blairstown we often consider making a non-standard approach (base to final for 25 or 7 instead of a full pattern) when we are returning from the ridge. Aim at the numbers instead of the middle to leave yourself this option; if you end up over the middle of the airport, you are completely committed to making a full pattern.

Do your checklist early, especially if you have a strong tailwind. The landing is going to happen quickly and will require all your attention.

When entering the pattern, maintain extra energy in both airspeed and altitude. Crab to account for the crosswind on downwind; don’t drift downwind! Keep your downwind and base legs tight up against the airport property.

Make your base to final turn with extra altitude. Account for the wind in the turn; if you have a headwind on base leg, extend a bit farther and let the wind drift you back on final.

On final, aim for the middle of the airport; don’t aim for the fence! You want to make absolutely sure you will make it on the airport property despite possible sink and wind shear along the way.

Once on final, transition into a slip for the crosswind correction. Maintain your speed all the way down to ground effect.

After you land, make an effort to clear the runway by taxiing off.

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