07-22-19 | Cruising Along

Luke and I are now in Hungary, humming along the highway, trailer in tow. Nothing really exciting to report; we made it into Vienna yesterday and will be arriving in Szeged soon.

Luke is doing a fantastic job! He’s gotten the hang of driving with the trailer and is a real pro now. It is a pleasant surprise getting to sit in the right seat of a car with a trailer while on a long cross country trip. I could get used to this!

We are now a little less than 3 hours away from the airport. Most of the team is already there, including John Good, Akos (our Hungarian crew), Mike Marshall and his crew and Noah with Jake. Looking forward to the good company!

One Reply to “07-22-19 | Cruising Along”

  1. Luke liking the 3-9 position on the steering wheel. New standard from the 2-10 we grew up with. Keeps the airbag from making you break your own nose. Have fun!


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