School Class Tonight!

Hey Guys,

Tonight we’re back in Slovenia and we will fly some of the low performance gliders! Take your pick; Blanik L-13 (included), ASK-21, 1-26, Grunau Baby, Ka-8, or SG-38.

The task is a short 110km triangle with good thermals; should be perfectly doable for these gliders.

Special kudos to anyone who makes it around in the Baby. Triple kudos to anyone who attempts it in the SG-38!

See you tonight!

All the best,

Contest info:

  • Teamspeak: channel: | password: ask13 | Channel- MNS/USNS. (Note, please go to Settings and set up “Push-to-talk” for your mic.)
  • Register (for free) here to receive briefings two hour before the race and to submit your log for scoring.
  • Scenery Download: Use Condor Updater. (Best to subscribe for more bandwidth!)
  • Find “US Nightly Soaring” at 9pm Eastern (0100 UTC) here or here.
  • Monday Night Soaring at 7/10pm Eastern (2300/0300 UTC)

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