Oh My Omarama!

Hey Guys,

Yesterday we had a blast in Nephi, with 34 of us racing in spectacular conditions. The wind was strong enough for the ridges to work somewhat, along with 7-10 knot thermals to 15,000ft. Conrado, the Brazilian ER doc won the day in style, averaging a little over 100 knots in a ASG-29.

Today we are going off to New Zealand! Nick Oakley, a young successful New Zealand soaring pilot has helped make several tasks, applying his extensive local knowledge. Today is a mix of thermal and ridge. He has laid down the gauntlet, claiming it could be done without turning! We will see!

We made several tasks together. One that we’re really excited about is an upcoming wave adventure….

NOTE: Condor released an update. Download the free patch here. You must download and install the patch to be on the server.

See you guys at 9pm Eastern (0100 UTC) on US Nightly Soaring!

  • Teamspeak: channel: ts3.virtualsoaring.eu:9982 | password: ask13
  • Register (for free) here to receive briefings one hour before the race and to submit your log for ranking.
  • Scenery Download: Use Condor Updater. (Best to subscribe for more bandwidth!)
  • Find “US Nightly Soaring” server here

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