Condor Activity Increases Four-Fold!

What an exciting time in Condor! In the span of three weeks, Condor participation in the US virtual contest scene has increased four-fold. We have 112 registered contestants and counting on US Nightly Soaring in the April series of the competition. A large proportion of this group is new-to-Condor, or at least to Multiplayer racing.

What used to be the record attendance in the best of times in Condor 1 has now become the new normal. We are getting an average of around 40 pilots racing every night, some nights in the low 50s!

That is more than most real-life competitions, even most Nationals in the United States!

Most of our pilots are from the United States, with some from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Germany, and even Poland.

Pilots spend around two hours on the server on a given night. With an average of 40 participants each week, this means we are providing about 560 hours of XC training and fun each week!

On top of the competitions, Aero Club Albatross’ Condor night has been very successful. We have been getting 10-17 club members doing cross country training in the Wurtsboro 0.3 scenery two nights per week (“Aero Club Albatross” server | Wednesday/Saturday at 7pm Eastern). Most of them are beginners, have not flown cross country and/or have not used Condor in Multiplayer before. Folks who have never flown cross country on ridge or thermals are flying out of virtual Blairstown and getting a taste of what soaring is really like! It’s low key, it’s fun. Thermal helpers and the Miracle key are enabled. Anyone can fly whatever they want, wherever they want, however they want. It’s social and a good way to stay connected while we’re not getting out to the airport.

Some of those folks are now getting on the nightly races. And they are looking forward to getting into a real glider and doing cross country flying in real life!

I’ve had many folks contact me through social media, email and through the blog contact with questions of how to set up Condor for their personal use, racing and for their clubs. Keep it coming; I’m happy to help!

Several folks have been doing paid one-on-one Condor coaching with me. If you would like to schedule a time to work on advanced soaring concepts in Condor (thermal selection, racing, centering, racing strategies, speed-to-fly, landouts, spins, risk-management, ridge soaring, wave soaring, etc. etc.), feel free to contact me through the Soaring Economist contact.

Going into next week, we will be adding several sceneries to the competitions. Today we will use the gorgeous Arc Alpin 2 scenery on Monday Night Soaring. Then we will add Southern Norway 4, and Cascade Range 2. This is on top of Nephi, Ridge North 2 and New Zealand 0.8 that we added last week.

Contest info:

  • Teamspeak: channel: | password: ask13 | Channel- MNS/USNS. (Note, please go to Settings and set up “Push-to-talk” for your mic.)
  • Register (for free) here to receive briefings two hour before the race and to submit your log for scoring.
  • Scenery Download: Use Condor Updater. (Best to subscribe for more bandwidth!)
  • Find “US Nightly Soaring” at 9pm Eastern (0100 UTC) here or here.
  • Monday Night Soaring at 7/10pm Eastern (2300/0300 UTC)

4 Replies to “Condor Activity Increases Four-Fold!”

  1. Daniel,
    Thank you for all of your help getting me flying in Condor!
    I may be interested in personal coaching as you described on
    Thermal selection and speeds to fly are likely topics. Please let me know the costs for the one on one training.
    I would also like to try the “ghost” flying you mentioned in messenger.
    Could you send som instructions on how to try that process?
    Appreciate your time.


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